Phoenix Brake Fluid Bleeder Tools, Accessories and Repair Kits



Specialty Tools


  • Works with standard air hammer
  • Induces optimal vibrations
  • Proven 85% effective in freeing rusted bleed screws
  • Works in as little as 60 seconds per bleed screw
  • Fits standard  3/8" drive sockets

Brake Free Benefits:

  • Works great for the weekend mechanic 
  • Saves time and the frustration of rusted bleed screws
  • Prevents replacing good parts with rusted bleed screws
  • Simplify brake fluid exchange service
  • Provides service facilities the confidence to offer brake fluid exchange service even in the rust belt

Price: $44.95





This is a very useful accessory if you are bench bleeding master cylinders all day. This bottle holds 3 liters of brake fluid and will enable you to do many master cylinders. This is a time saver when used with one of our injectors.
Price: $32.95


BOTTLE ADAPTER (020-Drawcap)

This accessory is in the injector kit. It allows you to draw fluid from a new fluid source. The cone has a number of levels on it to allow access to any number of new brake fluid bottles from pint to gallon. Remove bottle cap insert cone and push until sealed insert white straw through cone attach injector using black elbow and your ready to begin


Price: $6.95



This bottle comes in the injector kit. This handy 12 oz. bottle gives you about 12 strokes before you need to refill. It also has a cord attached to a twenty lb. pull magnet which allows you to hang the bottle, while working, to any convenient metal surface.

Price: $24.95



This Filter allows you to vacuum out dirty Master cylinders, calipers, or wheel cylinders without clogging up your injector. This is a very handy accessory that can be cleaned by back flushing.

Price: $10.95



This handy accessory is great for flushing out brake lines. It has a one way check valve so you can attach one end on the bleeder screw and the other end to the bottle and you won't draw air back up into the brake system.
Price: $9.95



  • Model Hose assembly Front/Rear

  • Ideal for the tech the bleeds systems two or three times a week

  • Compatible with all types of brake fluids


Price: $16.95




Model Smart-Pak Maxpro kit for all guns.  Economically priced when you need to renew your parts, or need additional items.

Price: $74.95




 Smart Pak spare fittings assortment kit.  The fastest moving adapter for universal application.

Price: $18.95




Master Cylinder Adapter Kit

This kit contains master cylinder adapters which cover domestic and import vehicles.   It contains many universal adapters and manufacturer specific caps.  An adapter is also available to use with traditional pressure bleeders. Using the MASTER CYLINDER ADAPTER KIT in conjunction with the Phoenix InjectorŽ hydraulic bleeder will help technicians solve difficult master cylinder bleeding problems.  Adapters fit 90% of current master cylinder reservoirs and come in a custom molded case.
Price: $249.95



This round adapter is made to cover motor cycle master cylinders and is held in place with a bungee cord type concept.  The attached hose comes with a lure fitting that fits all the different Phoenix parts.
Price: $33.50




GM Master Cylinder Screw on Cap Adapters
(Set of 3)


Price: $42.95



Universal Cap Adapter modified for easy use with the Phoenix guns and hoses.  Fits most round mouth plastic reservoirs when original caps are not available.  (New version #2)

Price: $159.95


Repair Kits



This repair kit contains: inlet check valve spring, inlet check valve, set of two piston washers, outlet check valve spring, outlet check valve, nozzle seal ring, cylinder seal ring, cylinder barrel, set of two lever pads and a return spring. Pictures can be seen in the exploded view in your users manual in the back.
Price: $25.95



This repair kit contains: Cylinder barrel, outlet check valve spring, outlet check valve, inlet check valve, inlet check valve spring, inlet check valve cage, EPR o-ring and piston felt washer. Pictures can be seen in the exploded view in your users manual in the back.
Price: $19.95



  • Model Repair kit Power-ject
  • Ideal for the tech the bleeds systems two or three times a week
  • Compatible with all types of brake fluids

Price: $21.75


Please call with any questions and or what items you may need, we are glad to help you get the right parts and technical details you need to maintain your Phoenix bleeder guns.  These original parts will keep your gun working correctly for years to come, per factory specifications.

The best time to reach or tech/sales department is between 1pm and 8pm EST.

1 (800) 266-4497

Please note that we do have a $25 minimum order, if you don't want to incur a handling charge of $10


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