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Our story started back in 1975 when I turned a love of restoring older automobiles into a business. As I began collecting new parts in my garage for some project cars, friends ask if I had or could get certain items they needed. Soon, I began to realize that I enjoyed working with the parts as much as I did actually building the cars. About one year later we opened a retail store that specialized in foreign auto parts only, something quite rare at that time. Next, we added a mail-order business, then came the manufacturing of some special hard parts, the development of custom Weber carburetor conversion kits, the special tuned suspension packages, the custom machine shop that produced our high performance engine kits and more.

By 1979 we'd passed the million dollar per year mark in sales and showed no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, it was then that I realized there was very little time available for the development and testing of new ideas that kept coming along... the exploring of things that really interested me. After much thought, we decided to sell the company in 1982. From then on we plunged full-time into the business of developing, manufacturing and finally bringing to market our custom designed, private label line of products.

After the initial shock of not working 70+ hours per week at the parts warehouse began to wear off, the creative juices really began to flow. In fact several items that came along thereafter, were so unique we registered them with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. To date, the GWR product lines including chemicals, instruments, tools, parts, supplies and other specialty items... all of which continue to be developed, tested and marketed to the automotive, rail, aviation and industrial fields.

Our goal, very simply stated, is to analyze an industry's problems... then create working solutions to those problems, marketable through OEMs, wholesalers and retail distribution channels. Implementing GWR solutions will drastically reduce the overall net cost of replacement parts and the labor associated with many OEM service procedures. Look at the products from the GWR line and you'll realize how "different" they really are; use them as part of your own quality service and the positive "difference" will reveal itself in your bottom line.

Can we build you a solution today?TM

Gary W. Roy

P.S. Please don't hesitate to E-mail or call me personally, with any questions about our product lines. or 1(800) 266-4GWR (4497)

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