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Incredible new profit center for Repair  Repair Shops, Quick Lubes, Tire Retailers and New or Used Car Dealer!

"Emergency Roadside Assistance Program"
from GWR


Premier Auto Club .com
One year of Emergency Road-Hazard Assistance, Tire Protection, towing and more.  Offer it as a deal closer, as an add on, or just a gift to a good customer!  This is a program you will offer over and over again, because it's a new source of revenue and far more complete than any other protection policy on the market.

With New Features
for 2013 !

Our incredible line-up of OE Approved Service Support Products and Tools...
Brake, A/C, Oil Change, TPMS, Fluid Replacement, more!

Who is GWR, a little of our history.

GWR Company
A little about GWR products, including the 25 year history and growth of our unique company. We're different than the monster sized automotive products companies, highest quality is our #1 goal.

Brake Starter Kits &
Promo Specials
National promotions and special prices on GWR Brake Noise Starter Kits and new items. Check here if you're new to our products and want to get started.

The only OEM Approved Brake Silencer Spray

the Brake Silencer tm
The only Multi Award Winning, OE Approved & Recommended "Brake Rotor Conditioner" in the world. The only 9 time winner of Undercar's "Top Product of the Year".

Pastelub 2400ºF Real Synthetic Brake Lubricant

Pastelub 2400 tm
GWR's "Real Synthetic" 2400° Ultra High-temp "moly style" brake lubricant, with over a 40% solid particulate count. Not only is it OE, it's the only 9 time "Top Product of the Year" winner.

The only soap specifically formulated for rotor washing. GWR Brake Soaptm
Non-toxic, biodegradable "Proprietary Formula" created specifically for washing metal parts. Non petroleum base, cleans with no oily "after" residue! Additionally, an anti-corrosive is added to reduce surface rusting.
Ceramlub 2800 Purple tm
GWR's "Real Synthetic" 2800° Extreme High-temp Ceramic "purple brake lubricant tm" with over 40% solid particulate. It's OEM approved by Bendix and several other brake pad manufactures. It's even in Exedy/Daikin clutch kits as spline lube!
Flex-hone for Rotors for true "Cross-Hatching" Flexible Hone for Rotors
The only way to apply a true cross-hatch pattern to brake rotor surface and in just 15 seconds. Faster and much less costly than round discs and sanding systems! Concept approved by all rotor manufacturers.
RFI Brake Bleeder, finally remove all the air! Phoenix Brake Bleeders
Complete line of "RFI" (Reverse Fluid Injection) brake bleeding guns and accessories. Endorsed by GM and most every Clutch Manufacturer as the most effective way to removed trapped air from brake systems!

Carbide Brake Lathe Bits
High Tech "Round" bits along with a complete line of US made, "Micro Grain C3 Carbide" cutting tips for all brands of brake lathes. Ammco, FMC, Accu, etc, etc. GWR bit are the finest bits made, guaranteed!
Brake Lathe Tools & Parts
Unique items that help improve quality and reduce the time required for brake service procedures. We also carry a complete line of repair parts for most lathes. All items are OEM quality or better and guaranteed.

Strip Dip / Brake Strip (Brake Fluid Test)
Accurately determine (in just 30 seconds) when to change brake fluid by rating the critical "Alpha Contamination Level". The most profitable service a shop can perform! Use FASCAR test in your shop, to meet the M.A.P. / AMRA Standards.
RadStrips tm
(Radiator Test Strips
Newly improved GWR "RadStrips" now test Dexcool along with all original glycol types. In 30 seconds know pH, Corrosion Level, Freeze Point, % of Glycol and the all important Reserve Alkalinity. These are the ones, plus we have Diesel Truck test strips too!

Oil Filter Magnets
Powerful Ceramic Magnet, designed to fit "inside" a spin-on oil filer. You instantly reduce contaminates by 95%, reduce wear by up to 500% and improve gas mileage by minimum of 3% (backed by SAE Certified Testing and Confirmation). This is the future for all gas and diesel engines, pays for itself!
A/C Stop Leak Plus tm
Revolutionary A/C oil that lubricates metal, conditions rubber seals and stops "all types" of R12 or 134A system leaks. Will not clog or damage any components, or those expensive recycling machines!
Oil Drain Plugs & Washers
OEM and Aftermarket Oil Drain Plugs and sealing washers, including special rubber/metal, dead soft, molded, one-piece, oversize, magnetic, copper, aluminum, fiber and more. All plugs are plated to eliminate rusting before and after they are installed.

Nitrogen Service Supplies
Tire Valve Stem Caps (N2 styles in Plastic, Steel and Aluminum), plus Banners for promoting N2 Service, Polyurethane Coiled Air/Nitrogen Hoses, Professional Air/Nitrogen Chucks, Schraders, more.
Premier Nitrogen
Tire Filling Station
Revolutionary Patent Pending design allows a 10 minute fill of 5 tires with 99% pure Nitrogen. Requires virtually zero labor and no expensive support air compressors like the already out dated "generators" being sold by others.

(Test & ReProgram)

The VT55 OBDII is an OEM Approved universal TPMS sensor activator tool that can also program the vehicle ECU if required. Compatible with all currently known TPMS sensors, it has built in synchronization software and requires no additional scan tool.
TPMS Sensor Test Box
Revolutionary new product every shop must have, a true essential tool. Patent Pending, this is the only way to test a new sensor or when you can't diagnose a light on the dash. Simply put sensor in box, pressurize and test with VT55 tool. Know for sure its OK, in just 2 minutes.

Clone-Able TPMS tm
(Tire Pressure Sensors)
The first Fully Clone-Able Tire Pressure Sensor, make an exact copy of the original via our OE reprogramming tool or direct via your local shop computer.  Just two part numbers will cover 90% of the vehicle your shop will see!
TPMS Repair Kits & Parts
You no longer need to go to the New Car Dealer or pay over inflated prices to be in the exploding Tire Pressure Monitoring System service business.  We offer Re-Installation and seal kits for most every sensor, they are required at every tire change by OE specifications and TSB's .
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