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  Maxi-Ject Pro
Use Heavy Duty
Rebuildable Yes
Max. Hydraulic (+) PSI 150
Max. Air (+) PSI 100
Max. Vacuum (-)" HG -18
Injection Stroke 15 ml
Adjustable Dosage Yes
Hi-Fluid Viscosities (thick) Yes
Hand Force (1=Easiest) 2
Adjustable Return Force Yes
Handle Lever
Standard Color Black
Feature Rating (10=Highest) 10

check.gif (72 bytes)  Precision metal construction
check.gif (72 bytes)  15 ml/injection stroke
check.gif (72 bytes)  High hydraulic advantage
check.gif (72 bytes)  Super Heavy Duty
check.gif (72 bytes)  Re-buildable
check.gif (72 bytes)  High viscosity fluids (thick)
check.gif (72 bytes)  Clutch/Brake Applications
check.gif (72 bytes)  Controllable injection pressure
check.gif (72 bytes)  Adjustable injection stroke
check.gif (72 bytes)  Ergonomic design
check.gif (72 bytes)  Automatic refill
check.gif (72 bytes)  Adjustable spring tension
check.gif (72 bytes)  Lever action handle


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The Maxi-Ject PRO is a fine instrument, specifically designed to address complex hydraulic system bleeding requirements.  It's honestly the only automotive tool built with the workmanship of precision firearm.  The Maxi-Ject PRO is in a class by itself with precision machined steel plunger assembly, die cast aluminum handle and body, shield barrel, "O" ringed steel nozzle with screw-on support collar and injection molded check valves.  The lever action handle reduces hand force and doubles potential injection pressures.  Full-range adjustable metering allows fine-tuning for special applications.  This injector is especially useful in 4WAL ABS and intricate aircraft hydraulics.  The Maxi-Ject PRO can develop 150 psi of injection pressure with a 15ml injection dosage.  The Maxi-Ject PRO modular construction interfaces with our full line of adapters and accessories.  The Maxi-Ject PRO is OE Approved and the highest quality bleeder on the market!

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