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Universal Cap Adapter for Hydraulic System Bleed and Flush

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Phoenix Systems presents its new Universal Cap Adapter (UCA) designed to seal almost any brake or clutch master cylinder with a screw cap reservoir.  The UCA, when used with any Phoenix InjectorTM, allows the technician to bleed or flush 90% of all screw cap systems.  No longer is a host of adapters required to interface with reservoirs found on Bosch ABS, Delco and Teves, to name a few.  The bladder is pressurized with brake fluid to seal openings up to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Bladder Inflates to Seal Almost Any Reservoir

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This is a cut-away of a screw cap master cylinder reservoir.  Notice how the bladder expands to seal the opening.  Fluid passes through the center opening.



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  • Allows the Phoenix Injector to be used for pressure bleeding single inlet master cylinders.

  • Provide automatic fluid replenishment during vacuum bleeding.

  • Direct overflow into a capture container during the RFI process to eliminate secondary draining of the reservoir.

  • Modular design allows easy interface with any Phoenix InjectorTM.

  • Can be used with other vacuum or pressure bleeders.


How to Use the UCA


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The UCA is attached to the reservoir and inflated with brake fluid.   The Phoenix InjectorTM pressurizes the reservoir and the fluid is forced out the bleeder valves into the capture container.


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The UCA is attached to the reservoir and inflated with brake fluid.   A Phoenix InjectorTM injects fluid at the bleeder valve.  Once the reservoir is full, the overflow is directed into the capture container.


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The UCA is attached to the reservoir and inflated with brake fluid.   The Phoenix InjectorTM applies a vacuum at the bleeder valve, drawing fluid from the system.  The UCA is attached to a new brake fluid source which automatically refills the reservoir.



This kit contains master cylinder adapters which cover domestic and import vehicles.
There are over a dozen universal adapters and manufacturer specific adapters,
so you are able to handle about 90% of current master cylinder configurations.

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