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#1 It Works.  What a Concept - The World's best hydraulic bleeder.  There's nothing like it!
#2 Problem Solver - Never again spend hours attempting to get a firm clutch or brake pedal.
#3 Save Time. Make Money - One technician can bleed difficult systems easily in as little as 5 minutes.
#4 Flexible - One tool performs multiple bleeding methods, which offers the most flexibility.
#5 Reduce Comebacks - Eliminates trapped air, the single major cause of hydraulic failure.
#6 Patented Techniques - The only tool which performs revolutionary new bleeding techniques like RFI and Pulse Generation.
#7 Quick and Portable - Does not require electricity or compressed air, so you can use it in the field.
#8 Tested and Proven - Tested and recommended by OEM's like: LUK Clutches, Sachs North America...and more.
#9 Easy to use - Simple modular design allows even the "weekend mechanic" to bleed like the pro's.
#10 Other Uses - Meter and inject liquids.  Diagnose vehicle: emission, cooling, fuel systems...And More!

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